Where Are They Now?

Here is a partial list of Film and Computer Gaming projects that some of the graduates from the Media Arts & Animation Department at The Art Institute of Dallas have worked on. Newest jobs <....to....> Oldest Jobs.

These students were pulled from my LinkedIn Contacts list. I am sure I have missed many people. I will try to keep this updated. If you see any discrepancies or updates please send me a P.M. or an email with upated info.

Professor Micheal Eudy (eudy@sbcglobal.net)

Graduate List
Todd Nauck: Graduate 1992 (VC)
Skybound Entertainment, Marvel Comics, DC Comics

Brandon Riza: Graduate 1992 (VC)
Blur Studios

Chris Olivia: Graduate 1993
Cloud Imperium Games, Troublemaker Studios (Robert Rodrigez), Digital Anvil, Rhythm & Hues, Origin Systems

Rodney Brunet: Graduate 1993
Electronic Arts (EA), Troublemaker Studios (Robert Rodrigez), Digital Anvil

Bret St.Clair: Graduate 1994
Sony Pictures Imageworks, Centropolis, Cyan Worlds

Duncan McKissick: Graduate 1994
Boss Fight Entertainment, Zynga, Bonfire, Ensemble Studios

Mark Skelton: Graduate 1995
Cloud Imperium Games, Lighbox Interactive, Blizzard Entertainment, 7th Level

Jay Hosfelt: Graduate 1995
Epic Games, Ritual Entertainment, braindrain, Mesa Logic, Ion Storm, 7th Level

Jim Rice: Graduate 1995
Electronic Arts Tiburon, LucasArts Entertainment

Dan Borth: Graduate 1995
Red Fly Studio, Sony Online Entertainment, Terminal Reality, Ion Storm

Brad Crow: Graduate 1995
Robot Entertainment, Ensemble Studios

Scott Winsett: Graduate 1995
Zynga, Bonfire, Ensemble Studios

Thonny Namuonglo: Graduate 1995
Zynga, id Software, Ensemble Studios

Chea O'Neill: Graduate 1995
Zynga, Pi Studios, Ensemble Studios, Terminal Reality

Don Gagen: Graduate 1996
Boss Fight Entertainment, Zynga, Bonfire, Ensemble Studios

Jeff Cavitt: Graduate 1996
The DAVE School, Cloud Imperium Games, Terminal Reality

Duane Santos: Graduate 1996
Ensemble Studios, Microsoft Game Studios

Robert Walden: Graduate 1996
Robot Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, Paradigm Entertainment

Jason Johnston: Graduate 1997
Pixar, DNA Productions, Foundation Imaging, AMS Productions

Stephen Bahl: Graduate 1997
Gearbox Software (CFO), Rebel Boat Rocker

Paul Allen: Graduate 1997
Reel FX, Blur Studio, Gearbox Software, Terminal Reality, DNA Productions

Rena Mintzas Fowler: Graduate 1998
Zoic Studios, ImageMovers Digital, Terminal Reality, ReelFX, DNA Productions

Rod Douglas: Graduate 1998
Reel FX, O Entertainment, HKS Architecture, DNA Productions

Bryan Hehmann: Graduate 1998
Robot Entertainment, Ensemble Studios

Troy Griffin: Graduate 1999
Walt Disney Animation Studios, Reel FX, DNA Productions

Paul Slusser: Graduate 1999
Robot Entertainment, Ensemble Studios

Matthew Russell: Graduate 1999
Epic Games, Valve Software, DNA Productions

Chris Fowler: Graduate 1999
Reel FX, Pixar, DNA Productions, C.A.T.

Josh Smeltzer: Graduate 2000
Blue Sky Studios, DNA Productions

Pete Hayes: Graduate 2000
Epic Games, Ritual Entertainment

Jason Owen: Graduate 2000
Bethesda Softworks, BioWare Austin, Reel FX, Digital Anvil,
Edge of Reality

David Bunn: Graduate 2000
Toys For Bob, Limited Slip Studios, Electronic Arts, Panic Button Games, Edge of Reality

Joe Johnston: Graduate 2000
Reel FX, Element X Creative, DNA Productions

Chris Moffitt: Graduate 2000
Robot Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, DNA Productions, Paradigm Entertainment

Kevin Lanning: Graduate 2001
Epic Games

Danny Rodriguez: Graduate 2001
TriForce, Crystal Dynamics, Bioware (EA), id Software, Digital Domain, Sony Computer Entertainment, Epic Games

Josh Rearick: Graduate 2001
Gearbox Software

Thao Le: Graduate 2001
id Software, Electronic Arts, LucasArts

Charles Tinney: Graduate 2001
Robot Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, DNA Productions, Ritual Entertainment

Ben Lippert: Graduate 2002
DreamWorks Animation, DNA Productions, Ritual Entertainment

Sloan Hood: Graduate 2002
Turtle Rock Studios, Bungie, Gearbox Software, Ubisoft, Volition, Ritual Entertainment

Bryan Cavett: Graduate 2002
Nerve Software, id Software, Nerve Software, Terminal Reality

Aaron Hausmann: Graduate 2003
Nerve Software, MumboJumbo, Ritual Entertainment

Joey Struve: Graduate 2003
The Fun Pimps Entertainment, id Software, Terminal Reality, Day1Studios

Adel Abada: Graduate 2004
Cinesite, Mikros Image, Newbreed Visual Effects, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Pixar, Weta Digital, Framestore CFC

Jared Brower: Graduate 2005
Reel FX, Liquid Logixx

Kyle King: Graduate 2007
Gearbox Software