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The Media Arts & Animation program started out as an Honors Class in the Visual Communications department in 1993. From there the
Computer Animation program blossomed and became the first Computer Animation program, in the United States, to be able to award a
Regionally Accredited Associates degree. In 2010 we expanded the program and were awarded by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) the ability to grant a Regionally Accredited Bachelor’s Degree program.

Some of our graduates specialize in 3d Modeling for Environments, Hard Surface items such as vehicles and also sculpt characters and creatures. Other student’s focus on Character Animation, Motion Graphics or Digital Effects. We start with very talented artists who present a portfolio to enter into the program. Then we take them through artist development classes such as Design, Typography, Anatomy, Life Drawing and Color Theory. Next we expose them to the digital realm where we show them how to harness their artistic talents and utilize them on the computer. We mix in sound business practices to get the students ready to work in the real world. Both individual and group projects are emphasized.

The students develop a professional portfolio and go through a rigorous portfolio review before we allow them to graduate. Our focus is artist first, computers second, then commerce and business to prepare them for the rigors of the computer animation field. The students also take English, Math, History and Psychology classes so they are a well-rounded individuals and are not illiterate starving artists.

Our goal is to help mold a successful professional artist. So take a few minutes and peruse our site and see some of the graduates and current student’s artwork creations. We are sure you will be impressed. We know we were, are and continue to be .

The Faculty
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